Welcome to BQ Sport

BQ Sport are based in Adelaide, South Australia after having many years of success supplying high quality canoe and kayak equipment to paddlers of all abilities in Asia and Europe.

We specialise in the manufacture and repair of racing canoes, kayaks and paddles using high end carbon fibre technology.

The driving force of the business is Arash Babaqazviny, who has a long history in the carbon fibre manufacture and canoeing industries. BQ Sport was started in Iran and supplied Asian and European canoe and kayak teams for many years. Arash moved to Australia with his family in 2013, making Adelaide his home, and the new location of BQ Sports. 

Arash is a master craftsman, whose original training was as a Classical Guitar and Violin maker. His interest in the sport of canoeing led to his move to carbon fibre manufacture of racing canoes and kayaks as well as racing and recreational paddles.  The skills learnt in Classical Instrument making are seen in his designs and attention to detail.

Please feel free to contact Arash via email or phone. His details are on our Contact us Page.