Canoe Polo Paddle

The BQ Polo is a high quality paddle designed for canoe/kayak polo competitors. They have been standard equipment for many teams across Asia and Europe, and now that BQ Sport is based in Adelaide these paddles are now sought after in Australia.
The method of manufacture is different to most other brands, having a balsa wood core to provide an incredibly strong blade. The multi layers of Balsa are laminated and shaped using special techniques and glues to make the the blade shape. We estimate that this method is up to 10 times stronger than hollow of foam filled blades.
The paddle blade then undergoes a number of processes to laminate the carbon fibre material. The super strong paddle shaft is also made in-house to ensure a strength factor that will endure even the hardest playing conditions.  
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.
Cost $A550  Complete 1 piece paddle