Wing racing paddle

BQ Sport manufactures high quality wing racing paddles suitable for many pursuits. The BQ Medium is a racing paddle suitable for Olympic K1 paddlers as well as surf Ski paddlers.

Made from high grade carbon cloth, each blade contains 12 individually laid layers, to provide the best possible strength and weight. The blades are then combined with our own in-house manufactured carbon shaft to give you a distinctive hand-made racing paddle.

The medium blade size is designed for a wide cross section of paddlers, especially those looking for a paddle that will allow cadence to be maintained. The paddle is especially suited to sprint and marathon paddlers as well as younger paddlers.

BQ paddles are available as a one piece unit or fitted with a quality aluminium joiner to provide a 2 piece adjustable angle and length paddle. The paddle shafts are made in-house to ensure a high quality carbon build.

Cost $550

Please contact us to discuss your needs.